Edge To Edge Embroidery Machine Quilting

Want the look of long arm quilting, but with your own embroidery machine? This is the perfect class for you. Deb will show you how to do continuous line decorative stitching as easy as 1, 2, 3!

​If you are a quilter and you also own and good size embroidery machine, then you will love doing this.

Date;  Coming This Fall

Class Fee; $40

Initial Disk of Designs; $43.90 (Disks 2 through 7 - $19.95)

Educator; DEB

NEW - ​Desert Sky - Paper Pieced Quilt

This is the second in the series of Judy Niemeyer paper pieced projects taught by Sharon Ralph. This beautiful quilt can be done in any of your favorite colors. It looks equally beautiful in cotton fabric or batiks.  In this 2 day workshop class you will learn this special technique and will finish enough of the quilt that you can take it home and confidently finish it. ​And, you can leave your machine for the next day saving you having to bring your machine back  for the second day.  Class size is limited, so please sign up early as Sharon lives in Naples so we must have a minimum of 4 students. 

Date; Tues. & Wed. Aug 21st & 22nd.

Class Fee; $75 plus Pattern and fabric

Time; 10am - 4pm both days

Educator; Sharon

Embroidered Cup Insert

​Here's a nice gift for yourself or someone else. It's a personalized, embroidered insert for a coffee or tea cup. The design is free. All you add is the monogram design from your own embroidery machine. Sign up early because class size is limited to 7 students. 

Date; TBA

Class Fee; $25  -  Cup cost $8

Time 10am to 2:30pm

​Educator; Molly

Gear Bag for Sewing /Cosmetics/Tech Accessories

Here's the perfect size bag to use for whatever you may need. It has 3 zippered pockets, 4 open sections, and a zipper that closes to keep your items secure. There is also a handle on each side. This is a 2 day class for the intermediate to advanced sewer. Not  advised for the beginning sewer

Date; TBA

Time; 10am to 4pm (both days)

Class Fee; $50 - Pattern; $12.54

​Educator; MOLLY

Quilting 101 - Table Runner

Want to learn the art and technique of  quilting? Can't make a class during the week because you work? Then this class is for you. It teaches the same principles as the weekday class but with a smaller project. This 22" x 50" table runner class will run for 3 Saturdays in a row and will take you through the process of rotary cutting traditional blocks, piecing and quilting. Class size is limited.

​Dates; TBA

Time; 10:30am to 2:30pm

Class Fee; $75 - Pattern FREE

Educator; MOLLY

​Scan n Cut by Brother 

Join Jody as she takes you through a project class using your scan n cut machine. This class is for current owners of the machine and is a unique Christmas project.

Date; Thurs. July 26th

Time; 10am - 4pm

Class Fee; $25  -  Pattern Fee; $19.50

​Educator; Jody

Cinnamon Bun Mini Quilt - Wall Hanging

Here's your chance to learn how to piece together hexagon designs. You will also be working with half square and quarter square triangles. All using the required "Side Kick" tool. Join Jody to have fun and learn something new. 

Date; Coming This Fall

Time; 10am - 4pm

Class Fee; $25

Tool; $18.77  -  Pattern; $6.83

Educator; JODY

Embroidery 101

​Tips and techniques for the beginning embroidery..  Learn how to hoop your projects correctly, which is the best stabilizer to use for what project, and the right needle to use for the different threads. You will also learn how to position your embroidery just where you want it.  If this is your first time using an embroidery machine then this class is a must. This is an all day workshop class with Molly. All brands of machines are welcome. 
Date;  Thur. 6/21 - 10am - 4pm   

Class Fee; $20 plus Kit $5

Educator; MOLLY

Embroidered & Machine Applique' Christmas Stocking

For Christmas in July, come make a neat stocking to hang on your mantle. This is a large size stocking that is 10" wide at the cuff and 20" long. Make it generic with a cute saying on the cuff, or put a Family name or child's name. This stocking is lined, so there are no seams showing.   If you have never tried  machine applique' this is the perfect class to learn how. Use your creativity and decorate it to be one of a kind by adding lace, beads, sequins, rhinestones, bells or bows. Maybe use metallic thread for part of the design. In other words, think outside the box and have fun. You will want to make a bunch of these to give as gifts.

Date; Tues. July 31st.

Time; 10am - 3pm

​Class Fee; $30 - Pattern free

​Educator; Molly

Expert Sewing Center

Dream VIP Club

This  class is only for the Dream Machine 1 & 2 owners. It will take place once a month and will give you a project that continues your education in how to use all the features of this wonderful sewing/embroidery machine. (Click on title  or check with Molly for class supply list)

Date;  Sat - TBA

Time; 10:30 - 2:30

​Educator; MOLLY

Note**  NOT all class listings will have supply lists. Only the ones with a line under the name of class. If you need more info on a particular class, please check with the educator. Thank You!

Free Motion Quilting

This is the class for you to learn how to do your own quilting on a regular sewing machine. This class will take the mystery out of quilting your own quilt tops. We will look at the proper technique of  stitch in the ditch, how to free motion stippling, as well as free hand simple designs. We will also be working with stencils so you can do more complicated designs. This is a must do class for serious quilters.
Date; Thur. Jun. 7th

Class Fee; $35

Educator; MOLLY

Serger 101

Here's the chance to learn how to really utilize that wonderful serger you own.  This workshop class will not only show you how to sew professional seams but also how to do all those fancy top stitching designs and rolled hems for clothes and linens. Taught by a Martha Pullen certified instructor, you won't want to miss this class. Work book and fabrics are provided free just bring you machine and threads. A knowledge of how to thread your machine and do a basic seam is required.

Dates;   Sat. Aug. 18th- 10:30 - 2:30

Class Fee $35

​Educator; LINDA

In The Hoop Zippered Pouch

Do you love the look of embroidered in the hoop zipper bags, but hate working with zippers? Well, here is your chance to have fun, make something fun, and find out how to put zippers in, ... in the hoop! These little bags can be made in all sizes and will fit a 5 x 7 hoop up to 9.5 x 14. Best of all, the design is free. 

Date; TBA

Time; 10am - 2pm

Class Fee; $25 

Educator; Molly


BES4 Dream Machine Software Orientation

This is the class to learn how to use your new software for the Dream Machine 2. 

​Class size is limited, so students can get individual attention.

**Only supplies needed; a laptop with program installed, a mouse and mouse pad. Also a notepad to take notes

Date; Coming in August - watch for date

Class Fee; $40

Time; 1pm to 4pm

Educator; Molly

Radiant Star Quilt Top

​The Radiant Star or Lone Star pattern is one of the oldest designs around. In the old days, all those diamonds were sewn together one piece at a time.  Today there is a much simpler way to do it and in this 2 session class you will learn the secret. This class is not for beginners, but if you have taken the beginning quilt class, or have a little experience doing some quilts you will enjoy the challenge of making this beautiful quilt top.

​Dates; This Summer

Time; 10am  -  4pm

Class Fee; $50 plus Pattern book $19.91  and class supplies

​​​​​Kimberbell Club
Here's a chance to have fun  and do a project each month  you can't buy, except through the store. These projects are exclusive to dealers. Class combines quilting, piecing, and appliqué, and are great projects to make as gifts for friends or for yourself. Click on the class title to see the next fun project.

Bring Cindy a cookie and she'll get you the best seat in the house

Date; Sat. TBA Coming again this Fall

Time; 10:30 am - 2pm  

Class Fee and Pattern  $15 

​Educator; CINDY

Sun Bonnet Sue Embroidered Applique' Towel

If you have never done embroidery machine applique' then you will want to do this class to see how much fun it is. There are a lot of things you can use this technique on besides tea towels, like, T-Shirts, bath towels, jackets, and bags.  The design is free or you can use your Sun Bonnet Sue CD from Anita Goodesigns.

Date; TBA

Time; 10am - 2pm

Class Fee; $25

​Educator; Molly

Sit n Sew

Have a project you need to finish? Come join us at the store where you can relax in our nice class room, and buy supplies if you need them. These days are scheduled, and you do need to register to save a spot in the class room. 

Dates;  check calendar for dates and times

​Time; 10:30 to 2:30 - 

Fee; $5

Bobbin Works Project Class

If you already have Bobbin Works with your machine, or you are plan to purchase the Bobbin Works Kit (check to make sure your machine and the kit are compatible) then this project class will help you to learn how to create some 3D interesting designs to make your projects look exceptional.

​Date; TBA

Time; 10am to 4pm

Class Fee; $25

​Educator; MOLLY


NEW- Broken Daisy Paper Pieced Place Mats

Ever want to learn how to make those beautiful quilt patterns that look so complicated? Well, now you can make them yourself with the secret that Sharon Ralph is going to teach you. It's paper piecing by Judy Niemeyer. Sharon is a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor and we feel very fortunate to have her teaching for us. This project is her first with us. If you want to join the class, sign up early as class size is limited. These are 2 day workshops and classes are back to back so you can leave your machine for the next day's work.

Date; Tues. & Wed. July 24th & 25

Time; 10am - 4pm both days

Class Fee; $75 plus pattern and fabric

​Educator; Sharon

​Kid's Summer Sewing Camp

Here's a chance for your budding sewer to learn how to make these cute place mats.  This class is 4 Saturdays in the month of July. Each place mat has a different design of "critters"  and they will make one a week. These place mats would make great gifts for the child to make as Christmas presents for friends or relatives. Grandparents always love getting a gift that is made especially for them by their grand child. Child does need their own machine to take class, and know how to use machine, thread it and wind bobbins.

Date; Saturdays - July 21st, 28th,  Aug 4th,  11th

Time 10:30am to 2pm

Class Fee;  $40 -  Plus Pattern; $11 & Fabric

Educator; Miss Jody

Dream Machine Workshop Classes

Have a new Dream Machine"? Here's your chance to know how to use some of the wonderful features it has. Join Molly for these informative 6 workshop classes. Each class you will learn a new feature of this wonderful machine and will do a simple project to show practical use of that feature. Try to schedule to attend all 5 classes. Sign Up early as class size is limited. (Check with Molly for class supply list)

Dates; Fridays - 7/27 - 8/3 - 8/10 - 8/17 - 8/24 - 8/31

$20 per class - $120 for all 6 classes (if paid for all in advance $110 - No refunds)

​Educator; MOLLY

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Beginning Quilting 101

​Quilting is a tradition that has come from using old clothes and flour sacks in the early pioneer days to the art form that is so popular today.   This class takes you back to the tradition of quilting by teaching you how to choose fabrics, how much to buy, how to use the modern day rotary cutters and instead of piecing by hand, you piece with our modern day sewing machines. You will also learn the terminology that has remained the same and how to put together a "sampler" quilt using some of the traditional old world blocks that out ancestors made.
 This is a 4 week class that will take you from beginning to the finish product with batting, backing, and  binding. This class has a limited class size, so please sign up early

DATES -   TBA -   Time; 10am to 4pm

​Class Fee; $100

Educator; MOLLY